Machine Shop Services

When you need machining services, our strategically located CNC Machine Shop are at your service with comprehensive machining capabilities. Whether you need reverse engineering or part fabrication, our experts provide timely, cost-effective solutions for your most complex repairs, rebuilds, and modifications.

We provide a wide range of CNC Machine Shop solutions  and our team offers the technical skills your job demands.

Machining Services Offered include:

We offer milling services on a wide range of materials to manufacture anything you need.We offer strict quality standards and close tolerances to meet your milling and manufacturing needs in our CNC Machine Shop. Milling is a quick, cost-effective way to produce parts of practically any shape from materials such as aluminum, steel, plastics, and more.

Our CNC Machine Shops also offer lathe services with both horizontal and vertical turning lathes (VTL). We offer high quality turning, boring, facing, grooving, and thread cutting services for your critical infrastructure.

Our horizontal boring services offer a quicker and more efficient way to bore many parts and equipment in a short amount of time. We offer shorter lead times and quick turnaround for high quality machining services.

Leverage utilizes press machines to form parts utilizing high pressure. Forming offers advantages for strength, resisting wear and tear, and accuracy. Our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and advanced presses for manufacturing applications.

Shearing creates excellent uniformity between parts and fast production for high volume applications. We focus on quality and strict tolerances to provide shearing manufacturing services that meet and exceed your requirements.

Our skilled machinists offer fabrication with thermal cutting techniques, such as plasma cutting, utilizing our cutting-edge burn tables and innovative processes. We utilize these fabrication processes for shapes and sizes difficult to produce through traditional machining options.

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CNC Machine Shop Services for Texas & Louisiana

When you need machining services in the Gulf Coast, our team is here to help. Our CNC Machine Shops are conveniently located throughout Texas and Louisiana to provide you with quality, cost-effective machining services and quick delivery to suit your requirements.

At Leverage our machinists are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our customers. We believe in providing services that add long-term value to your operations. Whether you need repairs, rebuilds, or fabrication, we are here to help. As an OEM capable manufacturer, we offer peace of mind deliverables that are strong, durable, and to your exact specifications.

Contact us now to learn more and request machining services from our team.