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Industrial pump on a base after field machining

Field Machining: Milling Pump & Motor Bases

A pump or motor base is an essential part of your equipment. It provides a stable foundation that the rest of the pump or motor ...
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Industrial valves that need valve rebuild services

Valve Rebuild Services Extend the Life of Valves

Valves are critical for directing the flow of fluids or gasses through pipes or tubing, but it’s all too easy to overlook them until something ...
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field machining milling slot for keyway

Field Machining for Keyways

Rotating equipment plays a critical role in plant operations. Keyways are often essential for the normal functioning of these types of machinery. However, there may ...
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30 inch bag/inflatable line stops

When to Use Inflatable Line Stops

Line stops are a way of temporarily stopping all material flow within a piece of pipe using a mechanical or inflatable stopper. This enables pipeline ...
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Leverage Mechanical Services technician performing valve repair services

Valve Repair Services: Control Valve Cavitation

Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs in industrial liquid-flow systems, damaging various components of the system, including the control valve. It’s a process that results ...
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face mill cutting metal part at CNC machine shop in Texas

What to Look for in a CNC Machine Shop in Texas

CNC machining has revolutionized the manufacturing process for a wide variety of industries. It has made it possible to create parts and products with a ...
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industrial piping system needs flange facing field machining services

Field Machining for Flange Facing

Flange surfaces require machining services called flange facing. The constant pressure applied on flanges contributes to wear and tear at the flange connection. This can ...
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hot tap installed for line stops

How Line Stops Isolate Valves for Service

Line stops are crucial in isolating sections of pipelines to facilitate quick and convenient valve repair, modification or replacement. Valve repair services are required for ...
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industrial pipe joint after technical bolting with tensioning

Technical Bolting: When to Choose Tensioning

Technical bolting is essential in every piece of machinery and it requires precision to make even the smallest of the connections tight and leak-proof for ...
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