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face mill cutting metal part at CNC machine shop in Texas

What to Look for in a CNC Machine Shop in Texas

CNC machining has revolutionized the manufacturing process for a wide variety of industries. It has made it possible to create parts and products with a …

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industrial piping system needs flange facing field machining services

Field Machining for Flange Facing

Flange surfaces require machining services called flange facing. The constant pressure applied on flanges contributes to wear and tear at the flange connection. This can …

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hot tap installed for line stops

How Line Stops Isolate Valves for Service

Line stops are crucial in isolating sections of pipelines to facilitate quick and convenient valve repair, modification or replacement. Valve repair services are required for …

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industrial pipe joint after technical bolting with tensioning

Technical Bolting: When to Choose Tensioning

Technical bolting is essential in every piece of machinery and it requires precision to make even the smallest of the connections tight and leak-proof for …

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piping system in industrial facility needs mechanical field services for maintenance

Mechanical Field Services: Maintaining Piping Systems

All piping systems need maintenance for smooth operation. This helps prevent leaks and failures that would otherwise be costly to repair. Generally, individuals can maintain …

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old valves need valve repair services

Do I Need Valve Repair Services or Rebuilding?

Valves play a critical role in ensuring the efficient running of most industrial processes. They allow streamlined operation while ensuring safety and protection during an …

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pipeline repair - hot tap

What is a Pipeline Hot Tap?

Pipeline Hot Taps can Save the Day What exactly is a pipeline hot tap? Hot tapping is a tricky method of connecting an existing pipeline …

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pipeline under pressure could benefit from line stops for repairs or modifications

Benefits of Line Stops for Pipelines

Line stops are a solution for servicing pipelines under pressure. These services require experienced professionals to complete on your pipeline to ensure quality, safety, and …

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pipeline needs mechanical field services to strengthen weak areas

Mechanical Field Services: Pipeline Composite Wrap Repairs

Mechanical field services address repair, maintenance, and modification needs on-site for your critical infrastructure. Pipelines are a common type of infrastructure for many industries, including …

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