Field Machining: Mechanical Field Services

Field machining services are crucial when you can’t send components to the shop for repairs. Our team can bring the machine shop to your site with our high-quality field equipment and expert technicians. We provide immediate response to your repair and modification needs. Our capabilities include a wide range of field services to help keep your equipment and systems in good operating condition.

We are on-call 24/7 to provide emergency response field machining services for critical repairs.

Flange facing helps prevent leaks and corrosion by creating spiral grooves in the flange that prevent leaks and provide tighter connections. Flanges may lose these grooves due to damage from shipping, installation, or even over time. You may need field machining services to face flanges before installation. In addition, you may need flange resurfacing or refacing as part of your regular preventative maintenance program. We utilize specialized equipment to provide high quality flange facing services on-site so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Our team provides field milling services for a wide range of applications. You may need milling services to properly align or resurface base plates for pumps and motors. Milling field machining services may also help create or repair grooves, key ways, counter bores and more. Our skilled machinists work efficiently to provide high quality services and repairs on-site to reduce downtime and service interruption.

Pipe cutting and beveling services allow for quick repairs and replacements in piping systems. Our experienced technicians cut and bevel pipe to remove damaged sections, install new pipe sections, prepare for welding, and assist with pipe demolition. We have the knowledge and equipment for all your on-site pipe cutting and beveling needs.

Engine blocks, gear boxes, turbines, presses, and practically any piece of equipment with moving parts requires collinear bores. If bore lines don’t match up, this can cause equipment misalignment’s, vibration, malfunctions, and even failure. Line boring field machining services correct these misalignment’s and keep equipment in good operating condition. We offer precision field boring services to repair damaged or worn bore lines for a wide range of equipment.

Our machinists also provide field services for drilling and tapping. Drilling and tapping services can help with many different applications, such as creating new bolt holes and extracting stuck studs. We have the experience and specialized equipment needed for all your field service requirements.

70in FMS-1

Install and Uninstall Services for Field Applications

Installing and uninstalling equipment requires on site expertise. We provide field machining and mechanical solutions for smooth, safe, and quick installation and un-installation. Our team can help with logistics, provide precision machining services, and assist with getting your systems back online as soon as possible. We are your partner in the field and work hard to ensure you receive practical services at reasonable prices.

As a leading mechanical services provider, we are proud to offer specialty services for a wide range of industrial applications. At Leverage our goal is to offer high quality services and outstanding customer service. Our team has extensive training, experience, and knowledge to provide meticulous machining services, both in the shop and on-site. Get in touch to learn more and request service from our experts.

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