Mechanical Field Services: Leak Repair

Leaks negatively impact industries in many different ways, from lost product to safety hazards and increasing emissions. Our team is here to provide timely, reliable repairs with zero service interruptions for your systems. We provide innovative leak repair services to help you seal leaks and maximize the useful life of your equipment.

When you need field services, we are your greatest asset for restoring your systems to good operational conditions. We offer expertise in a wide range of field services and leak repair methods and can handle all the logistics for rapid, high-quality repairs. Trust our team for all your pipe, valve, tank, and vessel leak repair needs. Contact us now to discuss solutions for leaks in your systems and equipment.

We are available 24/7 for emergency leak repair services.

Online Leak Repairs & Sealing

Our specialists at Leverage Mechanical Services provide customized services for all your leak repair and sealing needs. We help provide repairs while your systems remain online and in-service.

When you choose our team for your leak repair needs, we assess the damage to find the most practical and cost-effective repair solution for your system. We offer a wide range of services to suit your leak repair needs for pipes, tanks, vessels, and valves.

composite wrapsComposite wraps offer repair solutions for leaks in pipes, tanks, and vessels. Composite repairs help repair and reinforce damaged areas while systems are still online. Our expert technicians provide field leak repairs tailored to your needs.

Some of the composite repair products we utilize include:

  • Carbon fiber epoxy composite wraps
    • DiamondWrap
    • DiamondWrap MT
    • DiamondWrap HT
    • DiamondWrap UHT
    • DiamondWrap 500
  • Fiberglass epoxy composite wraps
    • ThermoWrap
    • ThermoWrap MT
    • ThermoWrap HT
    • ThermoWrap 500
  • SynthoGlass XT prepreg fiberglass composite wraps
  • AcidShield basalt/epoxy composite wraps

Composite wrap services help repair and seal leaks without the need for shutdowns and service interruption. We utilize only the highest quality composite wrap materials to provide durable, long-lasting repairs to stop leaks in their tracks.

Where composite wraps aren’t suitable for leak repairs on pipes, tanks, and vessels, leak repair clamps and enclosures offer mechanical repair solutions. Clamps and enclosures help seal pin-hole leaks and cracks and reinforce damaged areas. Clamps and enclosures typically utilize elastomers compressed against external pipe walls to provide a high-quality seal against leaks. We offer in-house engineering development and support for leak repair clamps and enclosures. Our team can customize solutions to repair leaks quickly and effectively while piping systems are still online.

Drill and tap (D&T) repairs address leaking valve packing’s in your infrastructure. These repairs involve drilling into the packing gland and tapping the drill hole to attach a small valve and fitting. Then, we pump new packing material into the packing gland with a packing gun stopping the leak while the valve remains in service.

When you need leak repairs for your systems and infrastructure, our team is here to provide quick response and customized solutions.. Our team can provide tailored solutions with engineering and design support and fast turnaround through our machine shops. Get in contact today to learn more and request field repairs for leaks.

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