Technical Bolting: Mechanical Field Services:

Technical bolting services provide peace of mind connections are tight, leak-proof, and safe for effective operations. Our team offers comprehensive services for bolted flanges and connections. We pride ourselves on offering trusted, friendly service customized to your requirements.

We believe bolted connections should meet the same level of scrutiny as other types of connections, which is why we offer detailed technical bolting services and ongoing support. Our professionals can help with all the specialized services you need to ensure bolted connections are tightened to proper loads to reduce the risk of bolt fatigue, connection failures, leaks, and shutdowns. We offer a wide range of services for your technical bolting needs.

Our team utilizes hydraulic equipment to ensure tight connections at accurate bolt loads. Hydraulic bolt assembly equipment applies exact amounts of force to ensure proper bolting. Our experts help ensure proper bolt load with hydraulic bolting services by first calculating proper load and then utilizing the torque wrench or bolt tensioning tool to apply precise force for proper load. Proper bolt load is important to help reduce changes in stress that can cause fatigue and failure. Our technical bolting services can help you rest easy knowing your connections are tight for your application.

We offer both hydraulic bolt torquing and hydraulic bolt tensioning services for your infrastructure. Our specialists get to know your application to determine the right type of technical bolting you need for safe, successful operations.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for bolting, so it’s important to consider whether you need torquing or tensioning on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, tensioning is faster, more accurate, and provides even tension throughout the flange. However, it does have its drawbacks. Tensioning is typically more complex and bolt tensioning tools may not fit in areas with low clearance or tight quarters.

Bolt torquing requires less space and is typically a simpler process. Torquing is somewhat less accurate on bolt load and may also cause less even pressure across the gasket. Our team not only provides technical bolting services but can advise on which technique to use for your equipment and application.

In addition, we offer bolt load verification using advanced ultrasonic tools. Verifying bolt load helps give a true read of load, which assists with making any needed adjustments and also tracking bolt load and bolt health. Our team utilizes ultrasonic verification for bolt load after bolt assembly services to ensure connections are tightened properly and to your requirements. Ultrasonic verification can also help provide data during inspections that are invaluable for tracking things like load loss or gain that can signal bolt fatigue that may cause leaks or impending failure.

We also offer innovative options for software integration for flange management and bold loading through IQ Control and IQ Flange Management software. These tools automate calculations, tracking, reporting, and other functions vital for maintaining joint and bolt integrity. The IQ software helps track bolts, bolt loads, flange maintenance, and more to reduce costs for both new construction and aging assets for your system. This automated solution provides real-time updates, precise calculations and data, and round-the-clock support for your flange and bolt management needs. It is cloud-based and accessible anywhere, even on your mobile phone to provide you with the tools you need to reduce costs for external consultants.

From Bolting to Torquing and Tensioning: Call for Mechanical Field Service

When you need technical bolting choose Leverage Mechanical Services. We are field service experts for a wide range of equipment and industries. We work with you to find practical, cost-effective solutions for bolting challenges. Our team has the knowledge and experience you need for proper bolt loading to maintain connection integrity.

Our team offers fast response to all your mechanical service needs. We can be on-site quickly with all the necessary equipment to provide support for everything from hydraulic bolt torquing and tensioning to verifying bolt loads. Our team is standing by to provide the solutions you need. Contact us today to learn more and request service for technical bolting or other mechanical services.

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