Technical Bolting with Craft Execution

Executing bolt assemblies is critical for joint integrity and system reliability. Joints are some of the most vulnerable areas in your system for leaks. Even small leaks can cost you millions and create safety hazards for your personnel. Instead, make sure your bolted joints are assembled right the first time. Our team offers high quality services to ensure your bolted joints meet your requirements and reduce risks of leaks and breakage.

Our team can manage all phases of jointed bolt assembly. We offer a wide range of technical bolting services to suit your needs.

We offer comprehensive services for all bolted joint make ups. Our crew provides expert solutions for connecting joints and flanges to produce safe, leak-free, and reliable results. We utilize innovative technology and advanced equipment as well as years of knowledge and field experience to execute joint connection and assembly. We help with everything from calculating bolt load, tightening bolts on bolted joints, and inspecting assemblies to ensure they meet your exact requirements and specifications.

Breaking out bolts requires precision. Removing tightened and often corroded bolts often means using stronger forces than originally needed to tighten the bolt. Our team can help calculate bolt break out torque and utilizes proven methods to remove bolts from assemblies. We help find solutions to remove stuck, seized, and stubborn bolts from your critical equipment.

Our field bolting services also include bolt assembly using hydraulic torque and tensioning methods. We can help you determine the proper bolt load as well as tightening methods. Torquing and tensioning both have advantages and disadvantages, and our technicians can help provide guidance on which tightening method is best for your application. During bolt assembly, we ensure joints are tightened properly according to standard procedures for everything from bolt load to lubrication and much more. When you choose our team for bolt assembly, you can rest knowing your bolted connections are tight and leak-free.

We also offer meticulous bolt inspections to ensure bolts are secure and joints are strong. Our team inspects bolts to verify load and ensure connections are leak-free. We utilize advanced testing and inspection methods customized to your assembly to ensure proper craft execution and assembly.


Torquing & Tensioning on Bolted Joints

We offer assistance for all bolted joints in your system. Bolted joint assemblies utilize torquing and tensioning to achieve precise bolt load for secure connections. Our team provides specialty technical bolting services for all your joint assembly needs.

In many cases, you will need both torquing and tensioning to tighten bolts throughout your assembly. Our team is here to help you determine which bolts require torquing and which require tensioning for dependable connections. Choosing the right bolt tightening method is essential for long-lasting, leak-free bolted joints.

Determining whether you need bolt torquing or bolt tensioning comes down to many factors. We are here to help customize our services to your needs. We get to know your goals, budget, and system to provide the right services for your joint assemblies. Our team works to provide more efficient, high quality bolted joint assembly by assessing many factors, like joint criticality, determining accurate bolt loads, and performing bolting services precisely for joint integrity.

Our goal is to create long-term value for your operations by providing high quality technical services. We offer expertise for a wide range of field and machining services. Contact us today to learn more and request service from our skilled team.