Field Machining for Flange Facing

industrial piping system needs flange facing field machining services
Flange facing field machining helps keep flange connections leak-proof.

Flange surfaces require machining services called flange facing. The constant pressure applied on flanges contributes to wear and tear at the flange connection. This can cause connections to lose their tight seal, which may lead to leaks and corrosion in your pipeline system. Flange facing is a field machining service that prevents these issues. It involves resurfacing the flange so the faces fit together perfectly. Regular flange facing helps you maintain joint integrity in your pipeline infrastructure.

What Is Flange Facing Field Machining? 

Field flange facing is where field machining technicians provide flange resurfacing on-site at your facility. This creates new mating surfaces for the flanges. The main goal of resurfacing is to keep flange faces perfectly sealed. Our professionals achieve this through specialized field flange facing machines. 

Timely field facing will help you to maintain joint integrity and prevent leaks. Also, it prevents corrosion and other issues occurring in the old flanges. Below are a few industries where flange facing is vital for project safety:

  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical and power generation
  • Shipyards
  • Fluid control 
  • Nuclear power
  • High-purity industries

What Are The Different Types of Flange Facing Machines? 

There are different types of flange facing machines available on the market. You can differentiate these machines on a powering basis. The two most common types of flange facers include:

  • Hydraulic flange facing machine
  • Pneumatic flange facing machine

These are the two power options available in the flange machines. The oil and gas industries typically use pneumatic flange facing machines. Meanwhile, many other industries utilize hydraulic flange facing machines. Similarly, the field machining flange facing machine depends on the mounting mechanism. The two types of facing machines on the basis of a mounting mechanism include:

  • Outside Diameter (OD) mounted flange facing machine
  • Internal Diameter (ID) mounted flange facing machine 

During the OD mounting, we mount the machine externally around the flange. In this case, the clamp legs are in the inward direction. By contrast, the clamp legs are inside the machine for ID mounting.

What Is the Importance of Flange Facing? 

Tight connections, turbulent flow, and impact can all damage flanges and wear out gaskets. The excessive pressure on the flanges can lead to flange damage during operation. Field machining will cut the flanges to restore a spiral grooved finish. The shape helps the flanges to sit together and lock into place again. This reduces the risk of leakages.

Flange facing is extremely vital during plant maintenance or shutdown activities. Some of the activities that require flange facing include:

  • Large pump base housing resurfacing 
  • Gasket seal on tube sheet machining
  • Repairing ring grooves or for cutting new grooves 
  • Plate and vessel weld preparation 
  • Drilling, milling, and mount facing of ship thruster 
  • Reface the sealing surface of the ship hatch 
  • Repair the heat exchangers and to reface the valve flanges 

Usually, flanges are prone to dents, scratches, and corrosion in the piping industry. It can put the joint integrity of the flange at risk. This is where the field machining or flange facing machine comes into the picture. The machine removes the damage using a clamshell cutter or split frame. It is an effective tool that helps you to repair the flanges of any diameter. There are different steps to complete the flange facing process. These are:

  • Flange face surface cleaning 
  • Machining that involves the use of a cutting tool
  • Low rotation and feeding 
  • Fine machining with the help of insert bits 

What Are The Benefits of Field Machining Services for Flange Facing? 

Field flange facing can help pipeline owners in multiple ways. If you’re unsure about why you should choose flange facing, here are a few compelling reasons: 

Prevent Flange Damage 

Without a doubt, one of the best benefits is that these field machining services prevent flange damage. Excessive rust, dings, or scratches in the flange area can lead to flange failure. This is why they need resurfacing to help pipeline owners save millions of dollars. Protecting the flange with the flange facing will help you avoid heavy expenses from leaks and replacements. 

Reduce Unnecessary Expenses 

Flanges used in numerous projects are a vital part of any industrial infrastructure. However, prolonged pressure on the flange faces can also affect the project’s reliability. Field machining will help pipeline owners ensure that their project is safe. Flange facing is an efficient process that ensures the efficiency of the project too. This way, they can save their money from the overhead charges and cost runs. 

Extremely Flexible 

Another significant benefit of flange facing field machines is that they are highly flexible. You can mount the machine at any angle, even in an inverted orientation. Our experts will choose the flange machine that suits your project needs. There are portable machines in the case of large pipelines that are inconvenient to move. Pros will bring the machine to perform the process of  field facing in the field for convenience.

Trust Leverage Mechanical Services for Field Machining 

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