Field Machining: Milling Pump & Motor Bases

Industrial pump on a base after field machining
Field machining helps create an even, stable base for your pump or motor.

A pump or motor base is an essential part of your equipment. It provides a stable foundation that the rest of the pump or motor assembly mounts to. By milling a pump or motor base, you create a precision surface that ensures the entire unit operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This helps you avoid vibration that can damage the pump or motor over time. In many cases, you may need field machining to smooth and level the base after it’s installed at your facility. In this article, we’ll discuss field machining services for pump and motor bases. 

Why Get Field Machining for Bases of Electric Motors and Pumps

The foundation of an electric motor or pump is one of the most important aspects of the machine. A specialty millwright is typically tasked with installing  this foundation, as it must be able to support the weight of the machine while also reducing vibration. The foundation must also be level to prevent the motor or pump from wobbling, which can lead to damage. In addition, the foundation must be able to anchor the machine in place so that it does not move during operation. Our specialty millwrights can prolong the life of your motors or pumps by prioritizing a stable foundation to prevent unnecessary damage.

Vibration from Uneven Bases Damage Your Equipment

Field machining is a necessary but often overlooked part of keeping equipment running smoothly. Vibrations can cause problems such as electrical shorts, premature failure of bearings and seals, and fatigue cracking. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye on things like alignment, vibration isolation, and shock mounting.  By taking these precautions, you can extend the life of your equipment and avoid costly repairs down the road.

On-Site Field Machining Offers Many Benefits

Field machining is the process of machining or milling a pump or motor base on-site, rather than in a factory setting. There are several benefits to this type of machining. First, it allows for a more precise fit between the pump or motor and the base. This can improve the efficiency of the overall system. Second, field machining is quick and creates minimal disruptions to your operations. Finally, field machining allows us to work on bases already installed. Therefore, there’s no need to remove and reinstall the base after completing the machining process. As a result, field machining provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for many pumps and motor applications.

Field Milling Process for Pump and Motor Bases

To machine a pump or motor base, it is necessary to work with experienced field machinists. With the right team, this work usually takes just one day. 

The first step is to remove the pump or motor from the base plate. Next, we take precise measurements to ensure we machine the base to your exact specifications. Once completing the milling process on-site, we test the base for stability, smoothness, and levelness. After we verify these important factors, our experts re-install the motor or pump to get you back to normal in no time. 

Expert Industrial Mechanical Services from Leverage Mechanical Services

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