Field Machining Repairs Restore Operations Fast

portable CNC tool field machining
Field machining brings the CNC machines and machinists to you.

Unplanned outages are detrimental to your facility’s production and profits. In many cases, breakdowns of essential equipment can shut down your facility until repairs, alignments, balancing, or modifications are complete. Yet, sending components away for machining can create more downtime, and sometimes it can be logistically difficult. Field machining services are the ideal option when you need to restore operations quickly.

Field Machining Minimizes Downtime for Your Operations

When you need on-site repairs, field machinists use portable CNC machines to service your equipment. This can help save downtime in many ways. While field machining services may be more expensive up-front, the reduced downtime often offers overall cost savings. Critical industries like wastewater treatment, power generation, and petrochemical plants frequently use field machining to save costs from downtime. There are a few factors to consider when you’re evaluating whether you need field or shop machining for your facility’s equipment.

No Wasted Time for Transportation with Field Machining Services

Shop machining services typically involve sending the affected parts away to a machining shop. In many cases, these facilities may be quite far away from your facility, as you need machinists who specialize in servicing your critical infrastructure. In addition, transporting heavy items can be difficult and take a lot of time. Transportation not only costs quite a lot, but it also creates downtime where no one is working on the parts to get them operational.

No Dismantling Needed

Another important thing to consider is downtime created by tear down activities. In many cases, dismantling may take a significant amount of time, particularly if you don’t have a millwright on staff. By contrast, our experts can often perform field machining services without the need for dismantling. When tear down is necessary, we have dedicated millwrights who can help make this process faster and safer. Therefore, this is another way on-site machining services can help your facility save time.

How Field Machining Works

When you call our team for field machining services, we dispatch our experts as soon as possible to arrive on-site quickly. Our specialists then assess necessary information such as drawings and equipment to create a repair plan. Having information and documentation on hand can help expedite this process, such as:

  • Dimensional drawings
  • Expected end result bullet points
  • List of nearby obstructions and distances
  • Material information
  • Bolt information when applicable:
    • Size
    • Thread
    • Depth
    • Material
    • Pattern

Once there is a plan in place, our team gets to work machining. Portable machines can be mounted quickly practically anywhere to service your equipment and get it operational as soon as possible. If you need millwright services, we can dispatch millwrights to tear down and reassemble in addition to needed field machining services. 

In some cases, we may need to create fixtures to properly hold parts in place for field machining. Sometimes we may be able to create these on-site as well. In other cases, we may need to fabricate them in-shop. That’s why we have strategically located shops to serve the Gulf Coast as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have multiple CNC machine shops in Texas and Louisiana whose resources we draw upon to provide you with quick, quality fabrication, repairs, and modifications. 

Repairs and modifications are validated by our machining experts through detailed measurements with specialized equipment, so you have peace of mind your equipment is in good condition. 

Specialty Services for Industrial Infrastructure at Leverage Mechanical Services

Whether you need field machining, millwright, or valve repair services, our team at Leverage Mechanical Services offers solutions for your facility. We provide immediate response for your service needs, planned or unplanned. Contact us for a quote or call us at 1-888-551-2077 to request emergency service.