Do I Need Valve Repair Services or Rebuilding?

old valves need valve repair services
Valve repair services and rebuilding services restore valves to working order.

Industrial valves play a critical role in ensuring the efficient running of most industrial processes. They allow streamlined operation while ensuring safety and protection during an emergency. Therefore, having a faulty valve will not only compromise the operation of your equipment but also pose safety risks. Even with maintenance practices, valve damage is somewhat inevitable. However, when you have a faulty valve, you have the option to repair or rebuild it before thinking of replacing it. You might be wondering what valve repair services and valve rebuild services entail. In this article, we will discuss just that, as well as how to determine which one best suits your needs.

What are the Causes of Industrial Valve Failures?

First, let’s look at some of the common reasons your valve might fail to work. An industrial valve can stop working as expected because of the following issues:

1. Using the wrong valve size

If you do not choose the right valve size for your equipment, it will lead to an undersized or oversized valve. Since the flow of materials depends on the size of the valve, the wrong valve size leads to leakages and other problems.

2. Cavitation

This is when the pressure level and velocity of the liquid medium drastically drop. This leads to the formation of bubbles, which prevent the fluid from flowing. After the normal pressure is attained, the bubbles will collapse, damaging the valve.

3. Abrupt pressure and temperature spikes

This is when the pressure inside the valve sharply rises, seriously damaging the regulator. It is caused by fast-moving liquid and the pressure wave along the pipe. This usually happens when you exceed the valves pressure and temperature limits.

4. Wear and tear damages

The natural flow of fluids causes this through the system causes normal wear and tear over time. As the valve is regularly used, parts might wear out, making it not function effectively.

5. Human errors

These include incorrect installation or operation of the valve. When you incorrectly set the pipeline system operational pressure, it will damage the valve.

What is the Difference Between Valve Repair Services and Valve Rebuilding?

  • Valve Repair Services: This is the cheapest service that will get you back into production in a very short time. Valve repair services¬†involve restoring damaged valves or components to their optimal working condition.
  • Valve Rebuild Services: Valve rebuild services entail building up worn-out surfaces of your valve. This can be done through welding, after which the valve is inspected to ensure the built-up surfaces are crack-free and match the required standards. Then we use field machining to smooth the surface and bring it to OEM conditions. This is cheaper than replacing the whole valve when a part of it is damaged, but more costly than repairing.

Benefits of Valve Repair and Rebuilding

If you consider seeking valve repair and rebuild services over buying a new one, there are various benefits to reap. You should consider valve rebuild and repair services if you want to:

  • Lower your costs since new valves are more expensive than repair and rebuild services.
  • Have your equipment back into operation in the shortest time possible, hence minimal disruption to operations.
  • No need to replace the whole valve when it only needs a new part or minor patch-up
  • Avoid costly modifications to your equipment

When Do Industrial Valves Need Repair?

1. When there is internal and external leakage

Industrial valves should be leak-proof, and the Maximum Allowable Leakage defines the permissible leak range that does not require a repair. When you notice that the valve leakage is beyond the allowable scale, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. This is for both internal and external leaks. Leakage is caused by:

  • Worn out parts
  • Excessive vibration of the valve
  • Material incompatibility
  • Thermal cycling
  • Poor packaging

2. Noisy valve

Since valves are supposed to work silently, having a noisy valve shows that you need valve repair services. Usually, it’s the disc banging the valve seat that’s causing this noise. Your valve will start emitting strange noises if:

  • It is poorly maintained
  • Has mechanical issues with the shaft
  • It has a faulty rotor
  • It has material jamming inside it

3. The valve is no longer working

When your valve completely stops working, you should have an expert repair it for your infrastructure to function properly. Often we can repair the damage and get it working again. The valve might stop working because of:

  • Worn out parts
  • Using the wrong valve
  • The actuator size is not accurate
  • Improper calibration of the positioner

When do Industrial Valves Need Rebuilding?

1. Rusted Valves

This is the internal and external corrosion on the valves due to chemical reactions. If your valve is covered in rust, mineral deposits, and buildup, you might be afraid the valve is too unreliable for continued use. However, through valve rebuild services, you can have your old valve working normally again.

2. Damaged Valve Parts

If you there are damaged parts on the valve, rebuilding may be the better option. Rebuilding is often more cost-effective than valve replacement.

3. Cracks and Dents

Drastic temperature changes can expand or contract materials, causing cracks or dents. They also come due to too much pressure when you close and open them. In addition to that, twisting a valve using too much force also causes a dent. When a valve has a crack or a bent, valve rebuild services helps seal the crack.

4. Abrasions

Valve abrasions occur due to normal wear and tear, leading to leakages or the valve not working as expected.

Talk to Comprehensive Industrial Valve Experts

Given how vital valves are, worn out, malfunctioning, leaking, or failed valves will not only cripple your operations but also endanger your workers and the entire firm in general. You can extend your valves’ durability through field machining services, repairs, and rebuilding. Therefore, if you are unsure whether you should have your valve repaired or rebuilt, our team at Leverage Mechanical is here to help you.

With our full range of services, you can rest assured that we have the resources and expertise to disassemble, inspect, repair, or rebuild damaged valves and have your equipment running again. Get a quote from our dedicated team on the most reliable industrial valve services to keep your valves in good working condition.