Valve Rebuild Services Extend the Life of Valves

Industrial valves that need valve rebuild services
Valve rebuild services give new life to your industrial valves.

Valves are critical for directing the flow of fluids or gasses through pipes or tubing, but it’s all too easy to overlook them until something goes wrong. However, valve rebuild services provide a cost-effective and practical way to restore your valves. You don’t have to replace them and wait for extended periods amid current supply chain challenges.

Worn out, broken, leaking, or failing valves put your operations and employees in danger. Valve rebuild services provide dependable isolation and sealing services as your vital infrastructure’s valves can be removed, repaired or rebuilt, and then put back in place, ensuring your valve keep cycling for the long haul.

How do Valve Rebuild Services Extend the Life of Valves?

There are several valve rebuild services that can extend your valves’ lifespan. They include:

Protective Coatings

Protective coatings for valves in corrosive environments, such as oilfield operations, can minimize wear and guard against damage from corrosive substances and extreme heat. For example, carbide coatings can triple the service life of valves. Thermal spray coatings can be sprayed using the high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) technique to protect valves in demanding service conditions.

Field Machining

Another on-site technique for extending valve life is field machining. Sealing surfaces, like those on a nozzle or flange, can deteriorate over time. Field machining, also known as on-site machining, is a cost-effective method of reestablishing the sealing surface without having to detach the valve from the system.

One effective field machining application for valves is flange facing. Flange facing helps prevent corrosion and leakage by creating spiral grooves in the flange that prevent leaks and enable tighter connections. These grooves may disappear from flanges due to damage from shipping, installation, or even wear and tear.

Drill and Tap Valve Leak Repair

Drill and tap (D&T) repairs handle leaking valve packings in your machinery. This repair attaches a small valve and fitting by drilling into the packing gland and tapping the drill hole. The leak is then stopped by pumping fresh packing material into the packing gland while the valve remains in service, extending the life of the valve.

Hot Taps & Line Stops

Numerous difficulties arise when repairing or rebuilding valves in “live” piping systems under pressure. Hot taps and line stops offer a tight seal to temporarily isolate the valves and allow for repair and rebuilding. This ensures you reduce downtime and service interruptions while the valves on your “live” piping systems offer reliable service long after the initial service life estimate has lapsed.

Extend Your Valve Life With Leverage Mechanical’s Valve Rebuild Services

Valve rebuild services are an effective way to extend your valve life without opting for costly replacements. Our valve rebuild services take care of disassembly, part replacement, machining, and reassembly. We handle all of this in-house through our qualified experts at Leverage Mechanical. Additionally, we take care of all valve cleaning, coating, and testing to ensure the valve can withstand the pressures and other variables for the particular application.

We offer a range of specialty services for industrial infrastructure, including valves, rotating machinery, pipes, and more. With locations in Texas and Louisiana, we guarantee quality services for our customers throughout the Gulf Coast. Contact us today to request a quote for all your mechanical services needs.