What is a Pipeline Hot Tap?

Pipeline Hot Taps can Save the Day

pipeline repair - hot tapWhat exactly is a pipeline hot tap? Hot tapping is a tricky method of connecting an existing pipeline or pressurized line system safely by drilling or cutting the pipeline, and redirecting the flow around the issue, while a system remains online without interrupting production. Hot tapping is a cost-effective solution when repairs are necessary and vital to your infrastructure. By implementing a hot tap downtime and service interruptions can be reduced. Product loss doesn’t affect your bottom line. Hot tapping services are vital to keeping critical systems online when you need them to be while protecting your bottom line. 

A valve is used to regulate the flow and pressure of a pipeline and when that valve needs to be repaired, you don’t always have the time to shut down production. A hot tap can help, by providing the opportunity for repair while operations remain online and in commission. Hot taps might be necessary for applications such as tie ins, installing measurement equipment like gauges and meters. These types of services can provide checkpoints for quality control while providing an access point for isolation when your system needs it. 

Having a hot tap emergency plan in place is a vital part of any pipeline production system in an effort to eliminate downtime. Hot tapping can also prepare a system for a line stop which is necessary when setting up a temporary isolation point if you have only one section in need of modifications. When you choose a team like Leverage Mechanical Services know that we offer dependable, economic solutions for all of your pipeline isolation needs. Our LMS team is on call 24/7 to answer your questions and help your organization run as smoothly as possible. Leverage provides hot tapping solutions for pipes up to ½ an inch thick, and  42 inches in diameter. 

Why is Field Repair Important?

Field machining is vital to an operation when you can’t send integral components of a system offsite for repairs. Leverage Mechanical Services can bring the shop to you so you don’t lose out on valuable production time or profit. Installing and uninstalling critical valve pieces requires a level of expertise that Leverage Mechanical has built up over time. Our field technicians offer different types of valve repair specific to the needs of your operation. Some of the different types of field repair include flange facing which will help prevent leaks and corrosions by creating grooves in the flange to create tighter connections and stop your valves from leaking. 

A flange is protective, and sometimes protruding lip or rim of piping used to connect valves and to strengthen their attachments. Over time, or as a result of shipping and even installation, a flange may lose its grooves and cause damage that may be detrimental to your operation. In addition to other preventative maintenance, it is ideal to use field machining services for this type of repair because we offer timely effective customer service for all your valve needs. 

Another type of field repair includes pipe cutting and beveling, which allows pipes to be disassembled for quick repairs and replacements. Our experienced team uses beveling to remove damaged sections of pipe. Beveling and pipe cutting also allow for the installation of new piping while prepping for welding or to assist in pipe demolition. Leverage Mechanical Services also offers drilling and tapping services that may help with a variety of issues related to your applications such as, extracting stuck studs or creating new bolt holes. Field machining for any type of pipeline is an integral part of getting your operation back on track as quickly as possible. 


Valve Repair and Rebuilding

Pipeline leaks can impact profit margins and can have serious consequences when not managed right away. Leak repair is critical across all industries, and you can trust Leverage Mechanical Services to repair a leak, on time and within budget. With our innovative technology, we can assess the current damages on a pipeline and provide a cost-effective solution best suited to the needs of your operation. With a wide range of repair options for pipes, tanks, vessels, and valves, Leverage Mechanical Services can be your go-to for emergency and non-emergent valve repairs. 

Valves are a crucial part of the functionality of any industrial system.  The technicians at Leverage Mechanical provide the knowledge and skills necessary to fix the problem and get your system back online. Our team is trained to help with a variety of issues,  such as:  

  • Internal Corrosion 
  • External corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Dents
  • Weld defects
  • Abrasion
  • Cracks

Our team can guide you through the valve repair process allowing your infrastructure to thrive and our long-lasting, durable repairs will ensure the longevity of your lines and machines for years to come. Let’s restore the fundamental integrity in all of your valves and their components in protection of your bottom line. 

Types of Repair 

Composite wraps are used to repair and reinforce damaged areas of a pipeline while still in use. This repair technique is an economical and permanent way to repair a pipeline leak or a dent,  immediately restoring the integrity of equipment in and around problem areas. Pipe defects can cause ruptures and cracks in critical equipment which can result in personnel injury or other environmental hazards.  Some of the composite wraps we use are: 

  • Carbon fiber epoxy composite wraps
    • DiamondWrap
    • DiamondWrap MT
    • DiamondWrap HT
    • DiamondWrap UHT
    • DiamondWrap 500
  • Fiberglass epoxy composite wraps
    • ThermoWrap
    • ThermoWrap MT
    • ThermoWrap HT
    • ThermoWrap 500
  • SynthoGlass XT prepreg fiberglass composite wraps
  • AcidShield basalt/epoxy composite wraps 

Our specialized valve and field technicians will assess the damage and decide if composite wraps are the best fit for the type of repair you need. In cases where a wrap isn’t suitable, pipe repair clamps and full enclosures might be an option. Clamps and enclosures are used to seal pinhole leaks and cracks and reinforce damaged areas. 

Our engineered and integrated, field repair and valve services along with custom-engineered products and integrated and turnkey solutions, Leverage Mechanical Services’ critical response time can come in handy for the protection of critical infrastructure. Our value-based pricing will be appreciated regardless of the challenges or issues at hand and our team is here to provide quality solutions for you. Call today!