Specialty Millwright Services

Our team provides total solutions for all your specialty millwright needs. We service a wide range of machinery across many industries to help keep critical infrastructure in good repair. From new construction and installation to ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs, we are your one source for quality services.

We provide services at every stage of equipment life cycles so you get peace of mind your machinery is in good hands.

Our millwright specialists offer comprehensive support and consulting for new construction and installation for your machinery. We utilize blueprints, specs, and schematics to develop a safe, actionable plan for installation that meets your needs and deadlines. Our team prioritizes longevity for your equipment by ensuring close tolerances and precision for every step of the installation process. We complete the project and oversee every aspect to streamline and provide quality assurance for equipment construction and installation.
We also provide total balance of plant services as a cost-effective way to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency. BOP services address every piece of machinery inside your facility to provide ongoing maintenance and optimize machinery life cycles. Our experts offer knowledge and skills for all types of equipment, which makes this specialized, whole-facility maintenance program ideal for facilities large and small. We focus on providing solutions that maximize investment for every component of every machine inside your industrial plant.
Our team of certified professionals also provide predictive and preventative maintenance services for your equipment. We can help design maintenance plans to keep machinery in excellent condition and perform necessary maintenance services to help reduce wear and tear, vibration, and the risk for catastrophic failure. With predictive maintenance service from our millwright technicians, you get peace of mind your equipment is reliable, safe, and set up for ongoing operational success. We provide everything from leveling to re-balancing services and utilize innovative methods to predict when your equipment needs service to maintain peak condition.
Our experts also offer ongoing condition monitoring as part of our maintenance services to help detect issues early-on before they cause failure and unplanned downtime. We are here to help minimize downtime and keep your critical infrastructure operating efficiently. Our condition monitoring services include regular inspections and testing to evaluate equipment and assess the need for maintenance or repairs.
Misalignment is one of the leading causes of premature failure for many machines. Misalignment can increase friction on internal components, exacerbate wear and tear, and even cause coupling damage that requires frequent and expensive repairs. Unidentified and unrepaired misalignment often leads to eventual catastrophic failure. To reduce these risks and ensure dependable performance, our millwright professionals provide specialty alignment services for a wide range of machinery. Our team offers knowledge and experience to align even the most complex equipment in your facility. We offer alignment services during installation and as an ongoing maintenance service to ensure equipment longevity.

Shop & Field Balancing Services Alongside Field Repairs

Balancing is essential to prevent excessive vibration and deterioration of critical rotating equipment. Our millwright services include shop and field balancing services to ensure equal weight and high performance and efficiency for all your machinery. We utilize proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies to offer precision balancing services.

Machines may be out of balance for a wide range of reasons, including manufacturing defects, material buildup, material loss (such as with erosion or corrosion), stress, and speed changes. Our team offers balancing services in our strategically located shops as well as in the field to help reduce downtime and provide quality service for critical equipment.

In many cases, an out of balance machine may require balancing and repairs in the field to return the equipment to its original condition. We can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair out of balance machinery of all types to ensure proper operation and efficiency.

When you need a partner for millwright services, our experienced team is here to provide turnkey solutions. Whether you need help installing new equipment or maintain aging equipment, we offer services to suit your needs and budgets. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repairs to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

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