Mechanical Services Training

All our personnel at Leverage Mechanical Services receive extensive training in both craft and safety so you have peace of mind that you receive the highest quality services and deliverables. We hire only the finest and provide comprehensive training on an ongoing basis to ensure we meet our clients’ high-quality standards.

Our experts receive training in our proven processes and procedures, strict levels of accuracy, and the ability to provide problem-solving solutions for their specialty. We encourage pursuit of credentials and certifications for every member of our team, including certifications from third-party agencies such as NCCER and TWIC.

We pride ourselves on a culture of innovation and advancement. Our initiatives include cross-training, multi-certification, and dexterity to provide our clients with the most comprehensive solutions for their critical infrastructure.

We also prioritize safety for every single project we take on. Personnel receive extensive training on proper safety protocols through ongoing classroom training, daily toolbox meetings, and more. Our safety culture and training have led to excellent results, with an EMR score of just 0.74 in 2020.

Our team receives training in the classroom and on the field to ensure they have the high level of craftsmanship and quality we require for our clients. We train our specialists for strict tolerances to ensure accuracy and precision so you know you can lean on us for all your machining, mechanical, valve, and millwright services.

Since the very beginning, we have fostered a culture of improvement, which is why we highlight and reward learning and ongoing education for our team. We are always looking for opportunities of improvement for efficiency, quality, and safety. That’s how we’ve become one of the leading and most trusted providers of industrial mechanical services. We believe in improvement, growth, commitment, honesty, and giving our team the training they need to do to go above and beyond for our clients.